Oberpfälzer Schlossteufeln – Preserving Old German Traditions

Stadtfest Regensburg (7)Oberpfälzer Schlossteufeln – Say What?

If you’ve ever visited Germany, you may remember seeing  remnants of its rich history in almost every town. Heavily influenced by the traditions of Germanic and Celtic tribes around the time of the roman empire, Germans have adopted many customs and traditions of these tribes. The Oberpfälzer Schlossteufeln or Upper Palatinatian Castle Devils are a unique group in Bavaria whose goal is to keep German traditions alive in their old form by appearing at public events, such as medieval festivals, to entertain and educate the crowds.

Not All Scary Creatures

Stadtfest Regensburg (9)Not only do the Schlossteufeln dress up and re-enact truly creepy witches, krampusse (devilish companions of Santa to take care of naughty kids), they also show case good angels and, of course, St. Nikolaus himself as part of their Christmas performances.

Our Encounter with the Oberpfälzer Schlossteufeln

We’ve stumbled upon the Oberpfälzer Schlossteufeln in Regensburg at the Bürgerfest – the City Fest – two years in a row. As we walked through the gates to one of the market squares in town, we were wowed by the spooky costume display (first picture above). As we entered the market square, we were greeted by some creepy fellows, whipping heavy chains around and messing with people.

Not even my husband, Don, was spared from their pranks, as you see in the pictures below.

Stadtfest Regensburg (2) Stadtfest Regensburg (3) Stadtfest Regensburg (4)

I must say, these Castle Devils were the highlight of our Regensburg trip that day. Don’t forget to check their events calendar before you travel to Bavaria. It’s definitely something worth checking out.

Want to see more? Click here for some cool videos of night-time ritual performances of the  Oberpfälzer Schlossteufeln. I wish we could’ve seen one of those while we were there.

UPDATE 1/11/14: Here is the coolest and most recent video that my friends from the Schlossteufeln just sent me.


Click on picture to play on YouTube

It was awesome and pretty spooky at the same time. Of course, I’m still wondering how they avoided to light each other’s fur on fire. Anyway, knowing me, I probably would be one of those people taking a few steps back when one of those creatures would get into my face as they do in the video (blush)… And those glowing eyes!!! Seeing the Christmas lights in the background also made me a little homesick. I really missed all the Christmas markets and festivities overseas during the holidays when I watched this clip. Gosh, I wish these guys and gals could make it to the States one day (preferably Colorado Springs, of course, but Denver will do, I suppose.) 😉 Anyway, enjoy!

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  1. Christa says:

    Hallo Schloßteufel, na das ist ja wirklich ein super Bericht über Euch.Toll. Nun, Ihr seid ja auch was besonderes.
    Grüße aus Köln schickt Euch Christa

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