The Last Challenge by Sharon Karaa – Review,204,203,200_.jpg

While you’re waiting for my next book to come out, I thought you might like to read this fabulous author’s books. Let me introduce you to Sharon Karaa’s Northern Witches Series. Sharon, who resides in the U.K., is writing paranormal … Keep reading here

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Escape for the Summer – Review

If you are in dire need of a bit of vacation time and you’re out of leave, don’t worry, because Ruth Saberton has got you covered. Escape for the Summer will take you away from your everyday stresses and transport … Keep reading here

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The Greatest Gift


Woman, where the heck have you been? I want to offer my sincere apologies to my fans for not posting for a while. Trust me, I wanted to, but I was dealing with a medical issue that I needed treatment … Keep reading here

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Grumpy Poltergeist Kindle Promotion

Grumpy Poltergeist

Happy Thanksgiving! And here’s my special treat for you – the kindle version of Grumpy Poltergeist is on sale for the next few days starting today. So if you’re looking for something to read, grab a copy of Grumpy. Here’s … Keep reading here

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The Hemingwrite – I want it!

Hemingwrite red_render

Do I really need another gadget? A few days ago, a German article about a new device for distracted writers caught my interest. It was about the Hemingwrite. When I saw the accompanying picture, I immediately thought of my childhood when I played with … Keep reading here

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New Release – Grumpy Poltergeist

Grumpy Poltergeist

I know you’ve been waiting… Are you ready for the next book of the “Do you spook German?” series? Then wait no longer, because Grumpy Poltergeist is finally here! “Should I call the fire department? An ambulance?” Kyla asked. Chris … Keep reading here

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No Air-Conditioning? 10 Tips on How Germans Survive the Summer Heat


Your air-conditioning went out and you’re stuck dealing with the sweltering summer heat until the repairman fixes your AC. What can you do to keep cool in the meantime? Let’s look to Germany for answers, where high temperatures and humidity can make … Keep reading here

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Follow Your Dream and Write Your Own Novel


Most book lovers often dream to write their own novel one day, but only a few will take on the task of actually writing down their stories. Why is that? Often people ask me what I’m working on when they see me dragging my … Keep reading here

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Book Review: Lynn Kurland’s Roses in the Moonlight

Roses in the Moonlight

I’m a big fan of time travel romances and bought this book when it came out last year. Life happened and I got wrapped up in a project, so I just now finished the book. I know…. I truly enjoyed … Keep reading here

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Should I Self-Publish my Novel?


So you’ve finally finished and polished your manuscript of your first novel. What’s next? How do you publish it? How can people get a copy of your precious labor of love? You’ve heard that self-publishing your books is the current … Keep reading here

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